Thursday, September 15, 2005

One step closer to new job?? 

I think the interview probably went fine. Dan, however, isn't feeling too confident because after it was over, he thought of things he could have said. I told him that happens to everyone.

The company isn't interviewing very many people and will decide if they want Dan to do an in-person interview as soon as next week. They want to hire ASAP. If Dan does get hired, he'll stay at his parents' house in Sioux Falls initially and look for a house there while I stay in Colorado until our current house sells. Have already done some online house hunting just in case.

The one problem area might be pay. I know jobs in South Dakota pay a lot less than in Colorado because the cost of living is lower, but with my income declining by $30,000 per year due to being on disability, he can't take too huge a pay cut in a new job. I've tried to do some creative math to figure out what we can get by on so he can negotiate if he needs to. Of course, there is the chance that we may be pleasantly surprised.

Will post when I find out more.

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