Friday, September 23, 2005

Redeeming TV: "Lost", Season 2, Episode 1 

After watching every single minute of material on the Season 1 DVD, I wondered if I'd gotten my expectations too high for Season 2. I was only let down a little, much to my relief. Of course, with the excellent ensemble cast, solid writing and engaging plot, I couldn't help but be pleased with Wednesday night's show.

Season 2 begins with a man whose face we cannot see. From the apparent age of the items around him, such as the turntable playing Cass Elliott, the primitive computer equipment, the old school exercise equipment, either this guy is stuck in the 1970's, or he IS in the 1970's. I'm thinking bio-sphere here, even though those may be vintage 1980's. Either that or one of those paranoid bomb shelter survivalists. Anyway, SOMEONE is living in the hatch.

Up at the hatch entrance, Kate, Locke and Jack ponder the wisdom of investigating a 50 foot metal shaft with a door that says "Quarantine" on the inside. Jack is ready to give up and go back to the beach and tell everyone there to chill. Locke naturally wants to find out what's inside, and Kate obviously is curious but stays out of the argument. Hurley is completely freaked because he saw his ill-fated lottery numbers on the side of the hatch and is convinced there is a curse attached. He tells Jack this and is given a disbelieving look.

At the beach, Charlie is telling anyone who will listen that there are no "others", that the French woman made them up because she's a nut case. Say-id does not agree but keeps his mouth shut. Shannon and Say-id go into the jungle to look for Vincent, who has run off. Shannon is obviously grieving the loss of her brother and is emotionally crumbling, so when she sees Walt in the jungle, everyone else thinks SHE'S the nut job.

When Jack, Kate, Hurley and Locke get back to the beach, Jack makes a speech about how the hatch is not a good place to hide. Meanwhile, Locke grabs some cable to use as a pulley for going into the hatch and takes off again. Kate, who had promised Jack she would side with him, states that she can't leave Locke by himself in case something happens to him. She goes back to the hatch. Locke decides to lower Kate down first because she is smaller. As Kate descends down the hatch, a tree that is providing leverage for the cable snaps, and she drops quite a distance before Locke is able to secure the cable. As she is nearly at the bottom, a bright light shoots up the hatch into the night sky, and Kate disappears. So of course Locke wants to go down after her.

Jack reluctantly returns to the hatch because Kate went. When he gets there, both Kate and Locke are gone, so he descends. He finds himself in some sort of odd underground dome. He also manages to find Locke, who has a gun to his head. The gunman is actually someone Jack knows.

Now, next week, we are supposed to get some idea what became of the people on the raft (I was disappointed I didn't get to find out this week). But this week's episode did its job: I'm so intrigued about what I've seen so far that I don't dare miss future installments. The cliffhanger may be an ancient device, but it still works.

Wonder if we're gonna get to hear any more '70's music??

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