Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Riding in style.... 

Took my new wheelchair, aka my chariot, out for a spin today. Dan is off work all week, and we had planned to go to the mountains originally, but with gas shortages in our area, that was ill-advised, so we decided to go to the local zoo instead. I've been unable to go to the zoo for at least three years because I just couldn't walk that much, so it was pretty exciting having Dan push me all afternoon.

The zoo is one of my favorite places to go and take pictures, and I hadn't gotten to try my digital camera there yet. About five years ago, my sister gave me a year long membership to the zoo, so I went once a month with my 35mm camera. Got pretty good at photographing the animals.

Today, I discovered that some of the newer enclosures had fences that came up higher than my wheelchair, blocking my ability to get a good photo. But Dan likes to take pix too, so he got the shots that I couldn't. I tried taking digital photos of the animals that were behind glass with some pretty decent results....my 35mm camera's flash had caused too much glare for that in the past.

The weather was cloudy, which meant it wasn't too hot for comfort or too sunny for good photos. It did rain for a little while, but we hid in the indoor bird exhibit until it stopped. We came out right at feeding time for the penguins....we also caught feeding time for the sea lion.

Would you believe we were out for three hours? There was no way I could have gone without the wheelchair for even 30 minutes, so I was really grateful to see the entire zoo in one day. Wore Dan out so much that he had to take a nap after we got home....have to admit I'm rather wiped out myself.

Started editing today's photos, but my brain is too foggy to tell the good pix from the mediocre ones right now, so I'll wait until tomorrow to finish up.

It sure is nice to have a chariot of my own.

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