Thursday, September 15, 2005

Rock Star: ACK! 

Ok, I wasn't surprised that J.D., Suzie and Mig were in the bottom three since there were only four contestants left and Marty did such an outstanding job last night. I was, however, surprised at just how well Mig performed "What You Need". He was great, actually. I thought Suzie and J.D. did all right with their INXS songs but not as well as Mig. I've been hoping J.D. would be ousted for seven weeks now, but of course that did not happen. They dumped Suzie, which left me flabbergasted. So the finalists are Mig, J.D. and Marty. They each win a car, and next week, one of them will be declared the winner. If they pick J.D., I swear I will never watch another network music series.

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