Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Rock Star: Anti-Climax 

Guess they'll be changing the band name to "J.D. Fortune and INXS".

First, they had each remaining performer pick any song that had been done during the course of the season and give it one more shot. Mig picked "Bohemian Rhapsody" and Marty did a reprise of "Wish You Were Here". I don't know what J.D. performed as I was distracted in the kitchen because I couldn't get a burner on the stove to work. From those performances, they eliminated Mig. I think he would have been the best choice, but oh well.

Then, the band actually went up on stage (up to this point, a house band had been accompanying the contestants). They had Marty and J.D. each perform one INXS song. Marty did "Don't Change", very well I might add. From those performances, they picked a winner.

I never liked J.D. and thought he was arrogant and a poser. But apparently, the band thinks he's great, because that's who they picked. So I will NOT be buying their next album or going to see them in concert. And I've had it with reality TV, even though I only watched one other show besides this one. And network music shows. Ugh.

There was one consolation in all this. They suggested allowing Marty, who took second, a shot at being the opening act on the world tour. And Dave Navarro volunteered to play guitar on anything Marty might record. I'd like to see that happen.

Other than that, it SUCKED.

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