Saturday, September 10, 2005


My husband has a job interview next week with an ad agency in South Dakota. It is going to be a conference call with SEVEN people at the agency! If they decide they want a second interview with him, he'll fly out there for that.

Got very frustrated when I didn't get a check in the mail today that my former employer has owed me for several weeks. But then Dan suggested that maybe the postal service is running slow again and that I should see what my account balance is (we have direct deposit). Sure enough, my checking account total reflects a deposit, so I can finally relax about that.

Talked with my long-term disability insurance company today. They have delayed approving me for benefits because they didn't get paperwork from all my doctors right away, but they should get the last of what they require early next week. They still want another month after that to process my claim, so the earliest I can get benefits is November, but it's better than nothing.

Went to see a cool movie last night, "Red Eye". It's a Wes Craven film, but it's suspense rather than horror. Good acting, interesting plot.

Finished the first Harry Potter book a few days ago. It's taking me longer than most people to read them, but I'll get through them all eventually. I'm thinking maybe I'll watch the movies too.

Indulged myself with a new music CD. Hadn't so much as downloaded anything on iTunes in three months. Found "Siren Sound of the Counter Culture" by Rise Against on sale for $4 off. I highly recommend this disc. Awesome lyrics.

"If we're the flagship of peace and prosperity
We're taking on water and about to f-ing sink
No one seems to notice, no one even blinks
The crew all left the passengers to die under the sea"
--from "State of the Union" by Rise Against, 2004

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