Thursday, February 23, 2006

MORE doc appointments on the horizon..... 

Saw the physiatrist today. He said that my right SI joint is unstable, and all the injections in the world aren't going to help until I stabilize it. That is why it has been getting worse and worse, because it won't stay in place anymore. When I was healthy, I was getting a lot more exercise, and I would only have problems when I misaligned it by falling, lifting too much weight, etc. Now my body is deconditioned and my legs, hips and back muscles are very weak. My back gets misaligned just by leaning too far in a certain direction. So I have to go to physical therapy.

I know I must have given the doc a dirty look because he said it's completely up to me to get better because I'll have to do the work. I'm already exhausted in general and wayyyyy burned out on medical treatment in particular. But he told me that my back will only get worse if I don't take care of it now, and I could lose even more mobility. I really don't want to be in a wheelchair fulltime.

So I will call the physical therapy place tomorrow and get set up. Dan is pissed because I keep promising him that the appointments he has to take me to are going to taper off eventually, and they never do. I need to do therapy for one to three months before I'll be ready for more injections. At least insurance will be covering this.

I also need to call the person tomorrow who will be conducting my neuropsyche exam next week. I still haven't got any info as to her location, parking, whether I get a lunch break etc. I am just looking forward to getting this crap over with.

Finished reading Harry Potter volume 5 this week. Didn't like it as much as "Goblet of Fire". Am bummed that the author bumped off Sirius Black, although I can see how this would give Harry Potter even more motivation to go after Voldemort. This is not to say that I did not enjoy the book, but I do hope I like volume 6 better. I don't have that one yet; I am waiting for it to be published in paperback.

Am reading a book on Social Security disability. While it is written in plain English for those without law degrees to understand, it is not exactly entertaining reading. But as I intend to review it for But You Don't Look Sick, I will peruse it from cover to cover, even those parts that don't apply to me like SSI and obtaining benefits for children.

Tired, sore and have a headache. And I have MORE therapy ahead of me?? Sigh.

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