Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Ah, that's better! 

FINALLY, good news to report from Sioux Falls. Things are falling into place at last. I was starting to wonder what I'd gotten myself into.

First, Dan and I went to church Sunday morning. It was a more traditional service than I'm used to, but I liked it, and the people there seemed nice. It's a tiny church, though, and it was filled to overflowing, but they are moving to a new location (I'm hoping it's a larger building) next spring.

I was too wiped out after the service to go anywhere else, so I just watched "Harry Potter" on cable and rested. Next week we're going to try the other United Church of Christ. It's a congregational church with two services.

Yesterday, I got word from our Sioux Falls realtor that the sellers of the house we're purchasing had finally given the utilities disconnect dates, so I was free to get things set up for Dan and me. We're getting our internet, phone and cable from the same company for a very reasonable price, and I've got the electric and natural gas ready for December 15. I still have to figure out who I'm going to use for trash service as there are about 30 companies to choose from (in Denver it was automatic and free), and I forgot to contact the water company, so I'll finish that up tomorrow.

I also got a call from the Denver realtor stating that they had final figures for the closing. It's $1500 more than the original number because the buyers had to forfeit their earnest money when they violated their contract by not informing us that they had changed lenders, loan types and that they would not be ready to close on November 22 as originally agreed. We need every penny we can get our hands on right now, so that was good news.

In addition, we got a check yesterday for the retirement fund we cashed out. We're using it to help with the down payment on the house we're buying. I'm hoping we'll even have a bit left over to pay down some credit cards since I charged the cost of the movers.

We also got some money from my aunt in Little Rock for our birthday, anniversary and Christmas. We're going to use it toward buying a new refrigerator. I think we can probably find one on sale since it is the holiday season.

I finally felt decent enough yesterday to leave the in-laws' house. I went out long enough to get a present and some cards for Dan's birthday/our anniversary. Then it was time to rest again as I was still coughing and congested.

Today was the big day.....Dan turned 36, and we've been married for 10 years! Dan has the day off work, so we ran some errands, and he gave me a Visa gift card, so I used it to buy a new swimsuit for aquacise and some fleece-lined sweats (all my other sweats are thin nylon or terrycloth, fine for Denver, but completely inadequate for the bone-chilling cold of Sioux Falls). Tonight, our friends are gonna go to dinner with us to celebrate.

This morning, after yet another delay with paperwork, we FINALLY got our closing in Denver! They wired our proceeds directly into our account here, which was way cool. Now we've got all we need to close on the house here on the 15th, which is an enormous relief.

Today was also the first day since I moved here November 26th that the weather was what I would consider comfortable. I think it got up to 40, a far cry from the below zero wind chills of late. But it may snow tonight, so I'll probably be wearing those fleece-lined sweats tomorrow.

The upper respiratory infection is subsiding, albeit slowly. I still have a cough, but it is less constant, and I finally can ease up on the consumption of Kleenex. I hope it disappears completely very soon.

Think I'll go find Dan and snuggle for a little while until time to go to dinner. It will be awesome when we've got our own place again.

Just ten more days.

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