Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Went to another health food store in Sioux Falls today. This one was closer to where we are going to be living. It is more grocery oriented than the other two I've been to so far.

The cool thing was the HUGE amount of gluten free food they carry! An entire wall of it, and many of the brands I am accustomed to such as Kinickkinnick, Mrs. Leeper's, and Amy's. They had THREE kinds of gluten free pizza crust, including the individual-sized soft Italian spiced ones I love so much.

They also had some stuff I'm not used to seeing, like several varieties of rice chips, almond cheddar crackers, and chocolate peppermint soy milk (the last one is probably seasonal). I bought four packages of rice noodle soup and the almond cheddar crackers. I'll be back for perishables once we've moved into our new place.

Got kinda turned around coming back to the in-laws' house. One problem with the streets in Sioux Falls is that several of them won't connect you from one end of town to the other. This is because the Big Sioux River runs through the city in a "U" shape, and it would be too costly to have bridges across the river at every road that intersects it.

One thing I have found interesting is that people from South Dakota seem to be far more knowledgeable about Colorado than I am about South Dakota. The lady that owns the health food store knew all about the health food chains in Denver. When I had first met Dan, I had never been to South Dakota and didn't know anyone from there.

Our Sioux Falls realtor called last night and said everything seemed to be on schedule with the house sale. The final walk-through will probably be on Thursday. I may ask to wait until evening so Dan can go with me as he will be able to tell if the improvements the owners promised to make have been completed.

I am getting excited about moving in, weird because I know the physical exertion of unpacking will probably cause another flare. I don't care. I'm anxious to get this whole ordeal of the past six months behind me.

Need to log off for now.

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