Monday, December 11, 2006

Just four more days! 

Until we close on our Sioux Falls home. The closing will be downtown Friday at 1pm. Immediately afterward, I will go over to the house as am having all the carpets professionally cleaned at 3pm, which should give us enough time for them to dry before we start moving furniture in on Saturday morning.

Tuesday of last week, we went to dinner with our friends to celebrate Dan's birthday/our 10th wedding anniversary. We went to the Texas Roadhouse, which serves a delicious 6oz. filet steak just perfect for me. We talked for a few hours afterward.

Dan's car had to have the rear brakes replaced on Wednesday. I'm hoping that's the last of the car maintenance for awhile. I'd like to focus on things for the house and on paying down credit cards if possible.

On Wednesday evening, we went to dinner with Dan's parents, sister, brother-in-law and our niece at Red Lobster. Hadn't seen Elaina since before she could walk. She seems very mature for her age (she'll be 3 in February).

I think on Thursday I set up water and trash service and arranged the carpet cleaning. I know I got contact info for a new rheumatologist and a new primary care doc. Luckily, the rheumatologist had a cancellation, so I can get in to see him on January 5, and I'll make an appointment for a new patient consult with the primary care doc after I get moved.

Thursday evening, my brother-in-law and niece came by Dan's parents' house for dinner as my sister-in-law was working late. Elaina got to meet Chip, which was a bit scary as my dog has never been around kids. He barked at her and licked her toes, but at least he didn't flat out tackle her or anything.

Friday evening, Dan, his parents and I drove through some local parks to look at holiday lights. One park has a bunch of animated displays, and the other has everything draped in white lights. Took full advantage of the heated seats in the in-laws' SUV, heh heh.

On Saturday, the weather was unseasonably warm, so Dan and I took the Saturn and got gas and went to a car wash. We also went to the credit union and the bookstore, where I got a city map, an appointment calendar for next year and a book I want to review for But You Don't Look Sick as soon as I get settled in at the new house.

Saturday night, Dan and I did our own drive to see lights, something we did every year in Denver. I made my annual trip to Starbuck's for a mocha coffee, and we listened to the local station that is playing all Christmas music. We went to the south part of town where the new fancy houses are and ooohed and aaaahed.

Yesterday, Dan and I went to the UCC congregational church downtown. It's absolutely huge, built in 1909, and the congregation has been around since 1871. The service was even more traditional than at the other church, which is kinda cool at Christmas time, but I think during the rest of the year, I'll probably fit in better at the church we went to the previous week.

Last night, Dan and I did one more light viewing trip. We went to the house that has the largest individual display and drove through the nearby neighborhoods. I think at this point we have pretty much covered all of Sioux Falls.

This morning, I kinda crashed and was stuck in bed for nearly 12 hours. I have not been able to fight off the last of this congestion, so I went back to Walgreens for some more Claritin D. I don't want to be hacking up a lung during closing on Friday.

I also went to one of the other health food stores in town this afternoon. I plan to visit each one to see who carries what as there are no health food chains here. This store had a very nice manager and had all the Amy's brand soups that I like, so I bought a can each of Chunky Vegetable, Chunky Tomato Bisque, Cream of Tomato and Potato Leek.

There's lots more I'd like to blog about, but this is not my computer, so I shouldn't hog it all afternoon. The official hookup date for cable internet for my Mac is a week from today. After that, look out, world!


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