Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Rave of the Day for December 27, 2006: 

Came across this on David Baldinger's Cartoons & Stuff Blog. Thought it was pretty hilarious. You can either check out the animation via the link or just read the lyrics below. Enjoy....

Nuckin' Futs - A JibJab Year in Review - 2006


Welcome to our show,

We’re happy that you’re here,

To hear us sing a song,

About this crazy year!

There was violence in Iraq,

Trouble in Afghanistan,

And Brangelina had a kid and started their own clan!

Oh!-Sama hides!

Britney rides.

Saddam lost his case.

Remember when Dick Cheney shot that one guy in the face?

Phone call scans!

Liquid bans!

Chavez blew a nut!

In the year 2006 the world was NUCKIN’ FUTS!

Tom Cruise got the axe.

The Thai had quite a coup

I learned at Summer Camp,

Mel Gibson hates the Jews.

Haggard fell from grace,

Zarqawi bit the dust,

And the Google Guys bought YouTube for a couple billion bucks!


Did you hear?

This past year,

Castro nearly croaked.

And Ariel Sharon suffered a hemorrhagic stroke.


Tom Delay!

Freezers full of cash!

My Congressman IM’d me for a picture of my ASS!

Paris swore off sex,

Religious wars abound,

Kim Jung lit a bomb,

Somewhere underground.

E-Coli in our food,

Ken Lay died after trial,

Lance Bass announced that he prefers alternative life styles!


Did you hear?

This past year,

Rummy got the can.

The Dems took over Congress,

I don't think they have a plan!



Iran wants a bomb!

The way that things are headin’

Armageddon won’t be long!

It really won’t be long!


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