Monday, May 21, 2007

Need to take ANOTHER detour from blogging.... 

Posting the link to "A Hummingbird's Guide: What M.E. Feels Like" (see the entry below this one) gave me an idea. Since I once again am fighting for disability benefits, it might behoove me to have handy a detailed description of my own cognitive and neurological symptoms, particularly in light of the fact that I have trouble articulating them when asked. It would probably also be a nice addition to my fibromyalgia website.

Thing is, my long-term disability insurance company could drop my benefits any day now, and I'd like to have at least a laundry list of symptoms together before I submit an appeal, which means I'd better get on it. Considering some of my blog entries take me about three days apiece to compose, coming up with a finished detailed account of how my body and brain malfunction could take a couple of months. But it could very well be worthwhile because even if it doesn't help my disability case, it could be educational for people with chronic illness or those who want to learn more about it.

I do intend to post the results here as well. It will be good mental exercise for me as I've been so pre-occupied with unpacking, finding docs, getting acclimated, etc. that I haven't written a single article for But You Don't Look Sick since I moved. I hope to get back to regular article writing by the end of summer.

In other news, I've unpacked all my vinyl and probably half of my music CDs and audio cassettes. One of my storage units didn't survive the move, so I'm going to try to squeeze the rest of my tunes onto a set of shelves not really geared toward audio cassettes. If they don't fit, I may have to cave in and acquire another unit cheap.

Our 30 year old constantly leaking toidy is getting replaced Friday afternoon. I'm a bit cranky about the expense, but since we're converting to one of those new-fangled low water turlets, the city of Sioux Falls will actually reimburse us $75, which softens the blow a bit. I just hope the 25 year old air conditioner survives the summer because we can't afford to replace it now.

I get to have a crown installed tomorrow afternoon. These things always hurt like a son of a bitch, one of the joys of Sjogren's/fibromyalgia/chronic myofascial pain. Guess I'lll be having yogurt for supper.

My brain is suddenly without coherence again, so stopping here.

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