Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Opening one eye to announce my return.... 

Actually, I got home Saturday afternoon, but today is the first day I felt well enough to use the computer. I slept 14 of the first 24 hours I was home, and have only slowly been able to reduce the amount of rest I need. Last night, 11 hours, and I'm pretty much in zombie-land again already.

Unfortunately, I am NOT done with the Mayo Clinic yet. Had more appointments and tests than I could possibly finish in a week, and Dan didn't dare miss two Mondays from work in a row, not in December at the peak of advertising season, so I will go back for three appointments on January 2nd. Luckily, Dan has New Year's Day off, so we should be able to use that as a travel day as long as he is approved for the next couple of days off.

Will report back with details of the Great Rochester Adventure once I take care of some preliminaries. Gotta get that checkbook balanced because without the long-term disability insurance benefits, the budget is stretched so thin it's practically transparent. And even though I'm not able to give gifts this year, I'd still like to at least send a few holiday cards, and I haven't even gotten started on that yet.

Also plan to post some holiday-themed Raves of the Day, links to blogs I've stumbled across, and maybe even an article or two if I'm up to it. But for now, I'm yawning so hard I've nearly unhinged my jaw, meaning I'm gonna conk out in mid-sentence if I don't call it a night.


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