Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Rave of the Day for December 19, 2007: 

Most of these holiday-related YouTube videos were listed in an article in the local newspaper, but I found a few bonus ones that were funny too. Enjoy....

Frodo the Burping Christmas Dog
Frodo the Dog makes an editorial comment regarding his participation in his family's holiday video.

Dog Opens Christmas Gifts
A Labrador Retriever demonstrates how to unwrap presents.

Let Me Out!!
A 3 year old gets his head stuck in a gate on Christmas Day; the funny part is not the poor kid, but the idiot relatives trying to figure out how to get him loose and offering ridiculous suggestions.

Lazy Tuesday, I Love a Piano Style
Parody of a Saturday Night Live skit. Helps if you are familiar with the Minneapolis area.

The Christmas Tree
A guy in drag portrays a New Jersey woman and the saga of the annual tree.

Christmas Story Recut
Didn't think "A Christmas Story" was scary? It is now! Hilarious!

Hey Ya! Charlie Brown Style

The cast of "A Charlie Brown Christmas" appears to be grooving to "Hey Ya! by Outkast. Awesome!

Happy HanuRamaKwanzMas!

Very funny song about the PC way to wish someone a happy holiday.

PotterPuppetPals.com's Emmy's Christmas Gifts

Ok, this one is tacky and probably inappropriate. But I couldn't stop laughing at the South Park-style animation of Harry Potter and friends.

An Alan Rickman Christmas

A very sweet montage of Alan Rickman clips set to Christmas music. Worth watching multiple times. I admit I liked this one best.

Who needs network TV reruns when you can waste hours and hours on YouTube? Um, don't answer that.

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