Sunday, February 10, 2008

Rave of the Day for February 10, 2008: 

The term "post-exertional malaise" sounds completely different from what it really is; I always thought it sounded like what a person would experience when they woke up with a hangover after sleeping with the wrong person, heh heh. But seriously, in a person with chronic illness like me, what it means is a horrible, sometimes debilitating exhaustion that follows physical activity and can last multiple days, weeks, months or years. The CFIDSLink Newsletter had a rather interesting article about it....

Science and Legal News on Postexertional Malaise

Post-exertional malaise is rather underestimated by doctors and healthy people, and the chronically ill are often accused of being lazy rather than having a legitimate reason for not tolerating exercise. Certainly my long-term disability insurance company will never consider it as a cause of disability and will rely on biased one-day functional capacity exams as "proof" that a claimant is free of impairment. How convenient for them.

Speaking of malaise, I am really hoping this lousy fibromyalgia flare will ease up so I can get more done on the computer. I wanna get started on the taxes because I need to use the refund to pay the Mayo Clinic. And I'd like to do some fun stuff in iTunes and finish gathering 2006 and 2007 pix so I can make prints for a photo album.

These days, just thinking about working out is a workout, heh heh.

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