Sunday, November 30, 2008

Quick update on basement (and online) situation.... 

I feel like Cary Grant in "Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House". Some of the work done to the basement this past week has led to the discovery of more problems, which, if not addressed, will lead to even more problems in the future. If I don't spend the extra money needed to fix them now, it's not gonna be any cheaper a year from now.

The biggest unexpected expense will be the storage room. In the process of replacing the leaky window in there, the handyman guy found black mold and evidence of more water damage than we had thought. So now he's gonna have to remove all the paneling, drywall and insulation along two walls and replace them after sealing up any cracks.

So our two week project is rapidly turning into three. Work resumes Monday morning, so I will be putting plastic sheeting back over the computer and command center again as soon as I finish this entry. Probably won't be online again until at least next weekend.

Oh, and I'm still in a flare. Construction noise, dust and trying to interact intelligently with handyman guys at 8:00 every morning are NOT good for my health. Plus, Thanksgiving was exhausting, even though we just went across town to the in-laws'.


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