Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A-Z meme! 

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note filling in the questions about you.

- Available: only to my husband, lol
- Age: 44
- Annoyance: people who are proud of being ignorant or wrong
- Animal: unfortunately none

- Beer: Can't have it anymore. I did like Kilian's Ale though.
- Birthday: March 22
- Best feeling in world: Being spoiled by my husband
- Blind or Deaf: I've been both at the same time; neither are fun. I guess deaf because even though it would totally suck to no longer be able to hear music, deafness requires less accommodation (as in I could still drive).
- Best weather: 80 degrees in Kona, Hawaii where the air smells like flowers.
- Been on stage: Most recently, in October when I became a member of my church.
- Believe in Santa: Hmmm....does he believe in me??

- Candy: extra dark chocolate
- Color: purple of course
- Chocolate/Vanilla: Chocolate
- Chinese/Mexican: are we talking food or people? I like both, lol
- Cake or pie: Pie crust-less gluten free pumpkin pie
- Cheese: yes, and lots of it!

- Day or Night: sunset (I'm always asleep during sunrise)
- Dance in the rain: not necessarily literally, but yeah
- Diets: Ack. No wheat, rye, barley, oats, aspartame, MSG, peppermint. Limited meat, raw vegetables, fat, high fructose corn syrup, chemicals in general. Moderate carbs. High lean protein and easy to digest foods.

- Eyes: dark brown
- Everyone has: good and bad in them. What varies is what they choose to do with it.
- Ever failed a class? Worst was a tie between computer programming and astronomy where getting an "A" on final pulled my overall grade up to one point past a "D".

- Full name: Karen Lynne
- First thoughts waking up: owwwww
- Food: too many to list, but of the ones I can still eat, Asian, Indian, Mexican, Italian.

- Greatest Fear: falling into poverty and even worse health should my disability benefits be terminated.
- Goals: staying as healthy as possible in all ways
- Gum: I like it, but my TMJ doesn't
- Get along with your parents: My dad, yes, because I just smile pretty when he is annoying, lol
- Good luck charm: Can that be a person? If so, Dan.

- Hair Color: boring brown. I miss when I could afford to color it violet, or black, or blonde, or cherry red or redhead red.
- Happy: surprisingly, yes.
- Holiday: Christmas
- How do you want to die: while dreaming something particularly pleasant.
- Ice Cream: can't have peppermint anymore, so chocolate mint chip is out. Now plain vanilla, the real kind without all those nasty chemicals in it.
- Instrument: does iTunes count? Did piano as a child but wasn't good at it.

- Jewelry: wedding ring, my mom's custom designed ring, sometimes earrings, sometimes necklaces, sometimes watch, MedicAlert bracelet
- Job: not able to do anything that pays.
- Journal much?: blog when my foggy brain will allow and/or when I'm not sleeping 12+ hours a day

- Kids: none
- Kickboxing or karate: almost learned karate, but developed bronchitis and had to drop the class
- K9 or Feline: pups. Cats don't like me much.

- Longest Car Ride: Continuously? Bedford, Iowa to Denver straight through. Vacation? Denver south to Texas, all along the Gulf coast including all the way around Florida, then back west to Denver with stops in Memphis and St. Louis.
- Love: every single day.
- Letter: not sure what is wanted here
- Laughed so hard you cried: often

- Movies: wayyyy too many to list. I record them on Turner Classic Movies and watch about five per week. I also do Netflix, usually newer stuff. I also have lots of DVDs, videotapes and laser discs.
- Music: I will listen to almost anything. My iTunes currently contains 4048 songs, and that is expected to increase as I transfer my vinyl and cassettes.
- Motion sickness: in the car if I'm looking out the side window too long. At movie theatres if I'm in the front row. If I have a migraine, any motion at all causes sickness.
- McD’s or BK: Can't have either. Rarely, I have chili at Wendy's or soft serve at DQ.

- Number of Siblings: 1
- Number of Piercings: 1 in each ear. Would have more if I wasn't such a wimp.
- Number of Tattoos: Love 'em, but have none myself because of a phobia of needles.
- Number: 6

- One wish: for Obama to be a great president
- Only the young: think that they are immortal

- Perfect Pizza: can no longer have traditional. My gluten free version has turkey pepperoni, mushrooms and reduced fat mozzarella.

- Quote: "The most wasted of all days is that during which one has not laughed". -Nicolas Chamfort

- Reason to cry: innocent casualties of war
- Reality TV: it SUCKS!
- Radio Station: choices are limited in Sioux Falls. Whatever isn't playing a commercial.
- Roll your tongue in a circle: yes. I can also make it undulate, which creeps people out.

- Song: just one?
- Salad Dressing: can't have most of them. I make a decent red wine vinegar dressing, though.
- Sushi: haven't tried it yet because I would need to go with someone who knows the good stuff from the bad
- Skipped school: twice with disastrous consequences.
- Smoked: not regular cigarettes, but tried those little cigarillos. Those were ok, but I felt no compulsion to continue.
- Skinny dipped: at certain hot springs in Colorado, no one wears clothes. So, yeah.
- Sing well: afraid not
- Showers: Yes when able, but no more than one a day
- Swear: yes, dammit!
- Strawberries/Blueberries: strawberry fruit spread, blueberry tea

- Time for bed: midnight, but it usually ends up being around 1am
- Take time to: think

- Unpredictable: what happens to you. But you can predict that you will usually survive it.
- Under my bed: a double under-dresser.
- Ugliest thing you own: the wall colors in my house. One bedroom is olive green, one bathroom is mud brown, and the kitchen is neon yellow.

- Vacation spot: Anywhere I haven't been before, and several that deserve repeats. Kona, Hawaii was the best.
- Vacuuming: can't do it anymore.

- Weakness: selfishness
- Which friend acts like you: Dan
- Worst feeling: no longer being able to think of comforting things to say when they are most needed. Stupid cognitive dysfunction.
- Where do we go when we die: I think our spirits continue to exist on a different level, and I don't think it's an actual physical place unless you count other peoples' memories of us.
- Worst Weather: here is pretty damned bad. Last week, it was minus 27F not counting windchill.

- X-Rays: yes, and they show arthritis in hands, wrists, feet, ankles, knees and entire spine.
- Xerox any body parts?: not intentionally, lol

-Yes, I'll admit I: I'm horribly sentimental
-Yellow: the hideous color of my kitchen. And I look hideous if I try to wear that color.

- Zoo animal: I like most of them, but zebras best.

1. Slept in a bed beside you: Dan the Man (my husband)
2. You went to the mall with: Dan, two years ago
3. You went to dinner with: Dan
4. You talked to on the phone: Dan's mother
5. Made you laugh: unless you count the folks at SNL (just watched their rerun of Presidential Bash), Dan
6. Hugged you: Dan
7. Said they loved you: Dan
8. You spoke with: Dan
9. You cried over: A friend whose granddaughter won't survive birth
10. Made you mad: The ladies in my aquacise class who hate Obama

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