Thursday, February 26, 2009

Crappy day!! 

For some reason, I'm stuck in a cycle of marathon sleep-a-thons despite having done nothing to provoke a flare. The final straw was today when I couldn't get out of bed until 1pm! It is extremely difficult to be productive after 13 hours of your day are already gone.

Then I got the mail. Inside was a notice that, despite me having been a loyal customer never late never over the limit for 10 plus years, my credit card company was DOUBLING my interest rate and going from a fixed to a variable rate! I would just cancel the damned thing, but I unfortunately need it because I use an online service for my meds and I know most people's rates have gone up so there's no point switching cards.

So I was grouchy, and I felt guilty that Dan has to do everything for me, so I tried to save him a trip to the grocery store by going myself. I came out of the store laden with bags into a semi-blizzard and found my driver's side door completely inaccessible. I was legally in a handicapped spot. That painted grid next to the parking space is there for people in wheelchairs to use; I need it because I have trouble climbing in my car unless the door is completely open. And this ginormous SUV was parked right on the grid about an inch from my car!

I was already out of breath from hauling groceries, and then the cold air hit my lungs while I was writing down the license number of the SUV and my asthma kicked in. The wind chill must have been below zero, because by the time I limped back into the store, my fingers had turned purple despite my gloves. Stupid Raynaud's.

Thank goodness the customer service manager came to my rescue. The SUV pulled away within minutes, and I drove straight home after using my inhaler. I must have looked pretty dreadful after I got home because Dan made me go sit down while he got the groceries out of the car.

So I didn't really save him any effort at all. And now I'm pretty sure I've gotten myself into another flare because I feel like someone beat me up with a sledgehammer.

I'd better perk up quick because tomorrow I have to go my five-year-old niece's birthday party and watch everyone eat pizza.

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