Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rave of the Day for February 25, 2009: 

I found out this week much to my surprise that I am vitamin D deficient. Apparently, there may be a link between this and fibromyalgia symptoms, so I did some research....

Lack of Vitamin D Linked to Pain

Vitamin D: Are You at Risk?

My primary care doc has started testing all her fibromyalgia patients for vitamin D deficiency. Mine had once been normal; however, I have moved from a sunny climate at high elevation to a low elevation with long winters, so maybe that made the difference. At any rate, I will try whatever the doc recommends and see if any of my symptoms improve.

I think the Vitamin D link is the big story this year.

My numbers were really low too, but I guess I'm not surprised: I gave up milk last year, and live in the PNW.

I've been on a supplement for a couple of months now, and am curious to see what next week's blood workup holds.
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