Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Perhaps TMI for my male readers.... 

A couple of weeks ago, on my niece's birthday, actually, I found a lump on my left breast. I wasn't alarmed; I was annoyed. You know your financial situation is in the crapper when your first thought isn't, "gee, I hope I don't have cancer", but, "Dammit! I can't afford this!"

Many of my readers may recall that I have poly-cystic breast disease (or whatever the proper term is). I had cysts in 2002 and 2004 that were diagnosed via ultrasound, and one diagnosed via biopsy just a year and a half ago. So chances are probably 90 percent that this is the same danged thing.

Only difference is, the other three lumps were found in mammograms, too small to feel by hand. This one is much larger; I even had Dan see if he could feel it, and he could. My last mammogram series was six months ago, and it was completely clean.

Knowing that it's probably another stupid cyst makes me reluctant to even mention it. I didn't want to bother my doc with it, but I did some research, and all of it said to have every lump checked out anyway, so I'm off to see her tomorrow. The good thing is that this is quite round; most cancerous tumors aren't.

I am gonna feel like a total tard if this ends up being the same spot they biopsied last time. I don't think it is, though, because the biopsy was out toward the armpit, and this lump is toward the center. I'm expecting that tomorrow all that will happen is that an ultrasound will be scheduled.

Cool thing about ultrasounds at least is that they are quite comfy compared to mammograms. But I am thinking that my boobs are more trouble than they're worth, heh heh.

Oh, and a humorous note to anyone still reading this: I named them several years ago, before it was fashionable to refer to them as "the girls". The left one is Thelma, and the right one is Louise.

Right now I'm pretty fed up with Thelma.

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