Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Thelma and Louise are BOTH exhausted! 

Started with the mammogram scans, two on the right (aka Louise) and FIVE on the left (aka Thelma) where I'd found the lump. Then after those were analyzed, I had an ultrasound on the left. I could easily see the lump on the screen.

After quite a long wait in the room where I'd had the ultrasound, I was told I'd need to have an ultrasound on the other breast for comparison. Then another long wait, after which I was told I'd need three more mammogram scans on the right.

Finally, after I'd been at the facility two and a half hours, I was told that both breasts got a clean bill of health. The lump is just a cyst like I thought, but having dense fibrocystic breasts always makes proper diagnosis more of a challenge. The good news is that Thelma and Louise won't need any more scans for a year.

The bad news is that I'm utterly wiped out. I feel like a ran a marathon, when in reality the majority of time I spent in that office I wasn't actually DOING anything. I wish to hell I could just go lie down, but a nap would just screw up my sleep cycle and possibly make the fatigue worse.

So I'll just keep it low key tonight, watch "Reaper" and maybe call it a night a tad earlier than usual. I have to stay upright for at least three to four hours after my last meal of the day, so it will still not be until at least 11pm.

But no cancer, no biopsy, and no more panini maker for another year. YAY!

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