Friday, April 10, 2009

PSA of the Day for April 10, 2009: 

Can't rightly call this a rave because I'm posting these links more as a warning than for entertainment. My father-in-law had emergency surgery today for retinal detachment. The scary part is that he waited NINE days to seek treatment, so it may be too late for him to get all of this sight back. But the good news was that the doc was satisfied with the surgery, meaning that there is hope he will fully recover his vision in that eye.

Wanted to know the causes of retinal detachment, so I did some research. Found out to my surprise that I am at much higher risk for this due to my diabetes, history of extreme nearsightedness and subsequent LASIK vision correction. Therefore, I need to be on the lookout for the symptoms too.

Here are two of the articles I found:

Nearsightedness and Detached Retina Risk

Retinal Tears and Detachments

Take good care of your eyes. Yes, you've got two of them, but you need 'em both.

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