Friday, May 15, 2009

Rave of the Day for May 14, 2009: 

Got the link to these from the Fibrohugs newsletter. I've related my problems with my long term disability insurance company; here are some specific cases that show I'm definitely not alone....

Unum Frowns on Fibromyalgia

The practice of "independent medical exams", i.e., reviews done on the claimant by practitioners who are paid under the table by LTD companies, has got to be outlawed. And here's an example of the dilemma commonly experienced by claimants:

Unum Plays Doctor, Badly

In my own personal LTD news, my lawyer still has not filed my suit for breach of contract, but says he's gonna do it right away every time I call him. Also, every time I call him, he's less and less enthusiastic about my chances of reinstatement of benefits or even a settlement. It is incredibly disheartening that LTD companies get away with dumping valid claims all the time and very seldom are held accountable for it.

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