Tuesday, July 14, 2009

When "friends" try to "cure" you.... 

I'm trying not to be rude about this or name names because I suspect these people mean well. But all the same, it seems as though people with chronic illness are the unfair targets of pyramid schemes and other sales pitches at a much higher rate than the general population. And even though I've never caved in to one of these pitches, I'm beginning to feel like shark bait.

When I was considering joining a particular church last year, I decided to be social and talk with some of the members after the service. A nice elderly gentleman struck up a conversation. But when I mentioned I probably wouldn't attend a potluck because of my celiac disease, he said, "I used to have that, but I was cured of it when I took ___", and proceeded to try to sell the product to me.

This has happened four other times. These were people I had thought of as friends. Two I suspect added me to their Facebook lists for the sole purpose of selling their wares, which I find offensive.

What is it about chronic illness that causes the healthy to get dollar signs in their eyes? In the past few days, I've gotten multiple message from a guy who has "awesome news" for me regarding treatment for my fibromyalgia. I plan on telling him that I dare not take anything which my doctors have not prescribed or approved.

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