Tuesday, October 20, 2009

This should be unbelievable, but it's not.... 

Got this link from a Facebook friend. If you think medical powers of attorney are sufficient to grant hospital visitation rights for gay partners, think again....

Hospital Forces Lesbian to Die Alone: Judge Gives Stamp of Approval

This is so incredibly sad. And it points to the problems inherent in granting gay marriage and other legal rights in some states but not others. The poor woman had no idea she was gonna have an aneurysm and end up in Miami, and she and her partner had done all they things they were supposed to do to avoid this sort of situation.

Let's take the sexual orientation part out of the equation for a moment. Would you want to be barred from visiting the person you love in the hospital, knowing they need you, knowing they are dying? The compassionate answer would be no.

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