Sunday, April 25, 2010

Here come....TWO brides and grooms! 

I went to a wedding yesterday with twin Russian grooms and twin Ukrainian brides. Dan works with one of the grooms. The ceremony, music and reception speeches were all in Russian with very little translation. It was fun, like being a tourist. It was in a rather large Baptist church.

The brides wore American-style gowns which were similar to each other but not 100 percent matching, so it was easier to remember who was who. They had two bridesmaids apiece who wore matching dark purple gowns with just a bit of bead work. They were all lovely. The moms and several female attendees wore scarves but otherwise modern dress. I wore a new blue dress with a white floral print that I had bought with a gift card I'd gotten for my birthday; unfortunately, it was too cold for a sleeveless dress, so I draped a new white scarf over my shoulders that was large enough to double as a shawl, and that helped a little.

The reception had meat and cheese at the tables separate from the breads, so I had some turkey and mozzarella. There were all kinds of sweets in a big basket; naturally, those were off-limits for me, but Dan had several, and a nice Russian lady at our table explained what each one was. They had dinner too. I had a few bites of roast beef, plain mashed potatoes, pickled cucumber, carrot and mushrooms, and fresh fruit. Also Perrier to drink and chocolate covered raisins for dessert. Dan did some of the salads, items that had gravy, and the dessert buffet.

The ceremony was two hours long, and I have no idea how long the reception lasted. I completely ran out of steam two hours into the reception, and they hadn't gotten around to cutting the cake yet and were still doing family photos and people were singing songs to the happy couples and making speeches in Russian. We had gotten to the church at 11:30am and reluctantly left the reception at 4pm.

I am rather wiped out. By the time we got home yesterday, my feet were quite swollen from long periods of standing during the ceremony. I crashed on the couch for a couple of hours yesterday and two more hours today after church. I will be quite surprised if I make to aquacise tomorrow.

Still fun, though.

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