Sunday, December 19, 2010

How illness shapes the holiday season.... 

This is a moving account by Christine, webmistress of But You Don't Look Sick, of how lupus has changed her life and relationships. It is perhaps during the holiday season when we most strongly feel the desire to be "normal"....

Giving Back Would Be the Best Christmas Gift of All

I've been fortunate to not have ever been hospitalized during the holiday season, but there are a few Christmases that I honestly don't remember because I was so sick. I have drastically scaled back my holiday activities, not because I don't want to participate, but because it is far better to do just a few things and be well enough to enjoy them than to stretch myself too thin and then maybe not be able to get out of bed on Christmas day. And even with my minimal lifestyle, I still end up with a mega-flare for several days afterward, so it had better be worth it.

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