Thursday, December 30, 2010

To resolve or not to resolve? 

A good article from But You Don't Look Sick. It explains why for those of us with chronic illness, there are certain promises we might not be able to keep:

New Year's Resolutions: Why They Are So Tricky

I did manage to keep one this year: I consistently did not eat non-nutritional food. I lost only two of the pounds I'd gained in 2009, but I don't feel bad because that really was the best I could do. I totally blew it AGAIN when it came to going to bed earlier and getting to places on time, but I guess that will give me some goals for 2011.

Even with a higher level of functionality this is a tricky one. Last year I came up with a mission/values statement instead and a few concrete things I could do to live out my mission. That seems to have worked pretty well, even with the ups and downs, so I'll try it again this year. Good luck with your own resolutions!
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