Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The poetry of CFIDS/ME.... 

My latest review for But You Don't Look Sick has been published! It is an article about a book of poems:

Book Review: "Pathogenesis" by Peggy Munson

Even though I have been contributing articles to the site for the past six years, it was a matter of whomever volunteered was published. But the site has grown so popular that the number of volunteers was overwhelming, so an application for the position of staff writer was devised. I was actually very nervous about applying because having been on disability since 2005, I was out of practice. I was scared I might not be published on the site anymore; even though this is not a paying gig, it is what I do to feel useful (and 20,000 people read the articles). The above review was what I submitted for a writing sample. I am relieved and pleased that I have apparently passed the test. Now I just have to be able to come up with an original article every month.

Karen, it's a wonderful review! I'm so pleased for you - not surprised at all, but pleased! :) Looking forward to more of your work. I know the challenges you face, but you're so good at planning and working with/around them - your voice always emerges from them clear and strong. Good for you!
Ah, shucks, thanks. *blushes*
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