Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sitting pretty.... 

Came across this on a fibromyalgia Facebook page, but it has useful advice for everybody. If you must sit for any length of time, the following will help prevent or cut down on the incidence of repetitive motion injury/carpal tunnel, trigger points, headaches, etc.

Proper Posture & Ergonomic Tips

I found out the hard way what happens when you spend 36 hours a week sitting in a chair that's too high, holding the mouse in a death grip, hunched over a monitor that's too low, craning the neck to the side to transcribe ad copy. I developed repetitive motion syndrome that started in my wrists and spread down to my hands and all the way up to my shoulders. My current home computer setup is ergonomic, and while I am not free of problems due to Sjogren's and fibromyalgia, it is a considerable improvement over having to spend my days and nights in wrist splints.

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