Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Some CFIDS mythbusting.... 

Got this from Facebook. Some will probably dispute the analysis here, but I have no argument with it:

CFS - Treatments Which Are Not Worth Trying

None of the therapies in this article that I have tried produced significant positive results for me. The only one I still do is exercise, but it is at a much lower intensity than my doctors have recommended, and it has taken me THREE YEARS to go from five minutes on the Gazelle glider to a consistent 25 minutes. I have been ill for 14 years and still cannot tolerate raising my heart rate above 90 beats per minute.

Wow--I'd never even come across most of these therapies! I complain sometimes about laissez-faire doctors, but really, I prefer them to the other kind. M.D.'s "bright ideas" have almost always cost me months of flares and sometimes bed-riddenness.
Wow, that's awful. I think the worst part of being bedridden as the result of a new treatment is when you are told that the side effects your are experiencing are not possible or that you are somehow to blame for it.

I do wish it would become public knowledge just how dangerous anti-depressants can be. Permanent brain damage is rare, but entirely possible.
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