Sunday, January 09, 2011

What do Little House on the Prairie and Syria have in common? Cheese! 

Some friends from water therapy want to go to lunch a week from tomorrow. I'm the one with the severely restricted diet, so they asked me to look around a bit online and see if I could find a local place where I could safely eat. I hit the jackpot when I went to the site for Sanaa's, a Mediterranean restaurant. Not only does it have a gluten free menu, there is a blog with recipes, anecdotes and all kinds of interesting goodies. Here's a sample:

The History of Cheese Making

Now, I'm not sure some of my friends would be into Mediterranean food, but even if we end up going somewhere else, I hope I can maybe go for my birthday or something. Too bad my budget is so limited, or I'd go by myself and try everything on that gluten free menu. Not all at once, naturally, but over the course of several visits.

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