Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Outta sight! 

Got this link from Cindy, my newest Facebook friend. There are some incredible pix here. My fave is the "Eye of God"....

Amazing Space Pictures

I've always been fascinated with astronomy. Only problem is that I'm never able to comprehend the equations that go along with it. So I usually settle for looking at awesome photos from the telescopes.

I love astronomy, too! (In a spectator-sport kind of way.) One of my earliest memories is of the Apollo 14 moon landing - my folks rented a TV so we could watch it, and I remember the newscasters asking random people whether they would want to go to space. At the age of four my answer was Yes, yes, yes!!!

Anyway, you might enjoy this link - it's a nice, manageable chunk o' space photography (one a day): http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ .
Oh, very cool, thanks! I was lucky enough to watch the very first moon landing on our tiny television at home. My mom and I were totally glued to the screen!

Ya know, if Steven Hawking could go into space, there's gotta be hope for us, right? Now, THAT would be awesome.
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