Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fibromyalgia in plain English.... 

One of my many links from about.com that I got from a fibromyalgia Facebook page. This is a beginner's guide to the ailment that contains some good analogies:

What's Going On? A Simple Explanation of Fibromyalgia:
Making Sense of a Complex Disorder, For Those Who Don't Have It

I don't know if I mentioned here that I've done three sessions of acupuncture? Yes, the woman with the needle phobia is actually VOLUNTEERING to be stuck with them. The trick for me is to keep my eyes closed the whole time and distract myself by focusing on my conversation with the doctor. Anyway, it has caused a subtle decrease in pain in the areas treated. It is similar to other treatment in that I hurt worse the first 24 hours, slightly worse the next day and then am noticeably better the day after that. The most surprising benefit, though, is that I am sleeping a bit better, even when I hurt worse. The benefits of acupuncture, while temporary, are cumulative. The first treatment helped for three days, the second for five days, and the last one for eight days.

Unfortunately, I'm on day nine right now and am rather ouchy at the moment. I am taking a two week break and will go back to the pain doctor June 30th to decide what to do next.

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