Friday, June 03, 2011

Food guidelines for squares.... 

Now we have the "food plate" instead of the "pyramid". I already don't like it:

Food pyramid loses its edge

Here's my gripe with it: dairy is listed separately from protein. But dairy IS a protein! Surely we don't need dairy AND meat at every meal? One cup of Greek yogurt contains 22 grams of protein, more than most meats and plenty for a single meal. I usually have meat/beans/tofu OR dairy at each meal, but not both.

Also, the "grains" section is simplified too much. There's a great deal of difference between Wonder bread and, say, quinoa, but both would qualify as grains. So people will still be having Pop Tarts for breakfast even though, nutritionally, they are not a wise choice. But I guess "whole, minimally processed grains" would be too many words to fit on their little chart.

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