Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Several of these sound familiar.... 

Found this link while perusing another article on the web version of my local newspaper. While this is specifically about rheumatoid arthritis, some of these could easily apply to similar ailments:

15 Things Not to Say to Someone with RA

I for one am sick to death of hearing how I should take glucosamine, avoid foods in the nightshade family, stop taking my medicine because it's bad for me, and that I am too young to have arthritis. Glucosamine doesn't work, nightshade foods have no effect on how I feel, my medication may not be ideal but it's better than nothing, and I know people of college age who have Sjogren's. But I have heard these comments enough times over the past 14 years to know when people actually mean well and when they are just being mean. So I just smile pleasantly and give an appropriate response. Sometimes that means no response at all.

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