Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Are women the sicker sex? 

Fascinating article courtesy of the Celiac.com newsletter for May 23, 2011. I found the info on Sjogren's particularly enlightening:

Female Hormones and Autoimmune Disease

Unfortunately, fixing a hormonal imbalance is never as simple as dosing a woman with DHEA. Usually, by the time a woman is finally diagnosed with a medical condition, she has malfunction in multiple areas of the body that require complex treatment regimens. It took six years to figure out I had Sjogren's, and during those six years, my thyroid bottomed out, my stomach muscles stopped working, my endometriosis grew much worse, I became pre-diabetic, the asthma began, my celiac symptoms peaked, and I developed fibromyalgia. One hormonal treatment wouldn't even begin to cover it all.

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