Monday, April 23, 2012

A better definition.... 

An important milestone has been reached in outlining the parameters of ME, which should replace the outdated term CFIDS (although I will continue to use both for the time being when needed for clarity). Link courtesy of the November 4th edition of the CFIDS Association of America newsletter (see what I mean?):

International Consensus Criteria Published for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

I certainly meet the new criteria, no problem. But I do take issue with their definition of "moderate" ME, which is completely housebound. That sounds SEVERE to me. I would consider myself to have a moderate case even though I can drive myself for short periods, such as to water therapy and immediately home again. I can also leave the house if Dan drives me, like to church and immediately home again, or to short visits across town to visit in-laws. So I would be partially housebound, especially since I have significant relapses if I am out of the house for more than about three hours continuously. I cannot hold any sort of job outside the home, grocery shop, spend significant time on the computer, walk more than one city block without rest, clean house regularly except for the kitchen, do yard work, laundry except for a single load every week or two, drive myself for more than 45 minutes continuously, stand for more than 30 minutes without relapse, or even have a long phone conversation. Doesn't THAT sound more like moderate?

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