Saturday, April 28, 2012

Choices, choices.... 

One from the Celiac.com archives - September 5, to be exact. I had no idea this had gotten so big:

Food Allergy, Intolerance Market to Hit 26 Billion by 2017

I do like having many more choices than I had when I first went gluten-free in 2003. It was about three years before I came across a bread that didn't taste like very heavy sawdust, and only within the last year have I started eating bread regularly, one containing millet and chia. I swear by the brown rice pasta I discovered in 2007. There are gluten-free products I have discontinued eating, like pizza crust, brownies, cookies, boxed dinners, and ramen-type soup, not because of the taste, but because I replaced them with more nutritious foods. And I appreciated having the options available to do that.

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