Wednesday, April 04, 2012

An explanation for "everything hurts syndrome".... 

Got this from the Redefining Normal Fibromyalgia/CFS/ME/Chronic Pain page on Facebook. It's a pretty good summary, and I learned a few things:

Why Fibromyalgia Pain Makes You Hurt from Head to Toe

I went to the pain doctor yesterday to work on the horrible spasms I've been getting on the left side of my next, the SCM muscle, the past five weeks or so. First I had acupuncture, then an unusual physical therapy involving acupressure areas in my hands, face, scalp and near my collar bone. With fibromyalgia, often when you treat one area, the adjacent area or the same spot on the opposite side of the body will act up. But the therapist seemed to be psychic because as soon as the pain moved somewhere else, he was addressing it like he knew that was going to happen. He didn't use much pressure; some of the stuff he was doing kinda tickled. But when I was done, he told me to sit up slowly, which I thought was weird until I noticed that my head felt lighter. Since then, I've had a bit of pain on the left side of the neck, but it is brief; nothing like before when the whole side of my neck would cramp up so that I couldn't move it.

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