Saturday, May 12, 2012

An author as inspiring as the books she writes.... 

The January 11th edition of the CFIDS Association of America newsletter included this article about the woman who wrote "Unbroken". Most of her readers probably don't even know she has CFIDS:

Laura Hillenbrand's Acclaimed Bestsellers Haven't Changed Her

I own and treasure my copy of "Seabiscuit", which is so well-researched and vivid that you feel like you are witnessing the events in person. I found out about her illness maybe a year after I had read it. I cannot fathom possessing the amount of drive it takes to do these books while coping with illness as severe as hers. I experienced such a cognitive decline after I got sick that nearly everything I do must be constrained to short paragraphs or articles that take days, not years, to produce because any more than that and I become too overloaded to function.

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