Saturday, May 19, 2012

An "inspiration of the day" for every day.... 

Came across this link via the Facebook page for Peace Bloggers. Am going to add it to my Links list:

Mahatma Gandhi Forum

Sorry about my own lack of inspiring quotes lately. Never did finish sorting through my e-mail newsletters, either. Got derailed by something worthwhile, though: a pair of cardinals built a nest in the lilac bush right outside one of my house's bedrooms a few weeks ago. I have been obsessively watching as the eggs hatched, the baby birds were fed and guarded by doting parents, and today, flying lessons for the (sadly) one remaining hatchling. I took a ton of photos too.  I suspect that when I open the blinds tomorrow, the cardinal family will be gone, but I am grateful to have been a witness to such a saga.

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