Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Introducing Bob.... 

Was perusing the December edition of the Hummingbird's Guide to ME newsletter when I came across this link to a blog about dysautonomia. The woman who writes it is hilarious even though her medical condition is not. Because dysautonomia is a difficult word to pronounce or remember, she re-named it Bob. I'm gonna add the blog to my Links list, but first, a description of Bob (warning: there's some profanity on these page):

Dysautonomia. Invisible Illness My Arse!

Second, a summary of what it is like to have this ailment:

My life with Bob: The ravings of one slightly deranged woman in her mid-thirties living with chronic illness—composed over several long months.

Feel free to poke around some of the other links on this blog, particularly Fabulous Friday. Her post about Boobquake had me laughing so hard that I was snorting like a pig. And wishing that I had been clever enough to come up with a catchy name for all my ailments.

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