Thursday, May 31, 2012

A man's search for affection, and health.... 

This appeared in last month's CFIDS Association of America's newsletter (I am almost caught up on this one!). The book appears intriguing:

"Love and Fatigue in America" Reviewed by Jean Zimmer

I have a lot of admiration for anyone with a disorder that affects brain function who can write an entire book. There is a reason the entries in this blog have gotten more and more brief over the years: it has become increasingly difficult for me to express what I want to say for a duration longer than a few sentences. The reviews I write for But You Don't Look Sick are only once a month, and that's about the biggest written commitment I can stick to. And the articles can take me anywhere from 24 hours to ten days to compose. The exhaustion factor also comes into play, as does the fact that using the computer more than two hours total in a day greatly exacerbates other symptoms such as headaches, eye discomfort, nausea, muscle pain, neuropathy and swelling of the feet.

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