Friday, June 08, 2012

Dan found this for me.... 

This looks pretty handy. There are 6000 products listed - just do a search on a name brand or food type, and you'll get all the ones known for certain to be gluten-free.

GF Overflow

I've been on a gluten-free diet for nine years, and I still get a curve ball every once in awhile. For instance, ground turkey was on sale last week, and I put it on the grocery list. Dan, who does all the grocery shopping, came home with the brand I had asked for, but had accidentally bought an "Italian style" seasoned variety. The label didn't say it was gluten free, but didn't specifically say it contained wheat, either - the ingredients were very vague. I looked it up, and the pre-made Italian style meatballs made by the same company were listed as containing gluten, but there was nothing on the company's website about the ground turkey. Luckily, Dan found the site listed above, and now I've got the green light to use the turkey. But I will have to figure out an Italian dish to use it in. Will probably just cook it up and crumble it, add some tomato sauce and garlic and put it on some brown rice penne pasta.

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