Thursday, June 14, 2012

I wish I'd these options when I was in school.... 

This comes courtesy of the January 30 edition of the Celiac.com newsletter. With all the cutbacks in education funding, this came as a surprise to me:

Schools Offering Better Food Options for Students with Celiac Disease, Other Food Concerns

The food was fairly tasty when I was in high school as I recall. It was an area with primarily Mexican and Italian heritage (usually about third generation), so burritos, spaghetti and the like were the norm. But in college, I experienced culture and cuisine shock when I moved from Colorado to Kansas. Breakfast was usually biscuits and a greasy sausage gravy. I would usually opt for eggs, which were acceptable once I soaked the grease off with a napkin. The meats for lunch and dinner were usually chicken fried, breaded and covered in a grotesque gravy. I pretty much lived off the salad bar.

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