Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Why celiac testing should be done much earlier than it usually is.... 

 This was in the January 16th edition of the Celiac.com newsletter. I hope that, over time, greater awareness of celiac disease will improve these statistics:

How Does Delaying Diagnosis Impact People with Celiac Disease

I had stomach issues even as a child. I would get the "flu" every time I traveled because we would eat a lot of sandwiches. Doctors told my parents I had a "nervous stomach". If I got sick while away from the rest of my family, it would be blamed on homesickness. And whenever a bug actually was going around and I got it, I would be fed saltines as my first solid food and then would get diarrhea so bad that I would pass out from dehydration and have to go to the emergency room. I could have saved myself decades of symptoms had anyone figured out that I might be reacting to gluten.

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