Monday, August 06, 2012

Another reason to weep, and pray..... 

 At my church this morning, the sermon was about interfaith peace and focused on variations of the "Golden Rule" present in many of the world's major religions. Came home full of hope, only to see this on the news:

Gunman, six others dead at Wisconsin Sikh temple 

All these people were doing was gathering at their place of worship, something millions of us do regularly without fear of harm. It is possible the men in the temple specifically were targeted because they were wearing turbans, which the shooter may have associated (incorrectly) with terrorism. This only underscores the need in the United States for the populace to learn more about the variety of faiths observed here. Wearing a turban doesn't indicate that a man is a terrorist any more than being white and living in the South makes you a member of the KKK.

Well said. So sad. Thank you for sharing on FB.
So true.

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