Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Not gonna vouch for the proposed "reform".... 

Got this from the Facebook page of People For the American Way. It's about why the voucher system for Medicare is not the way to go:

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities: Private Plans Won't Save Medicare Money

While I realize there are some retirees who can easily afford to pay more for their health care, I wonder if the Republicans have conveniently forgotten that the DISABLED also use Medicare? As in disabled people trying to live on the average of $1000 per month they might receive on SSDI or SSI if they are lucky. If these vouchers become the law of the land, over HALF the income of many disabled people will have to go to insurance. This does not include medication, which is outrageously expensive under the current Medicare plan if you are unfortunate enough to fall into the doughnut hole every year, which I do. Once you hit that doughnut hole, you will not be eligible for catastrophic coverage for your prescriptions until you have paid $4700 out of pocket. I know very few disabled people who could pay for both their medication and their insurance under the proposed plan.

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