Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sometimes the best thing you can do is nothing.... 

While trying to fix yet more technical difficulties, I ran across this item from "Chronicles of Fibromyalgia". I bet lots of us have heard something similar to this:

She Doesn't Do Anything to Make Herself Better

It's tricky to know how to respond when you get that statement. Unless you already know the person to whom is being referred, the truth could be any number of things. Some people believe you aren't doing anything unless you are on loads of prescription medication, while others think if you are medicated you must just be an addict and not really sick. Some are sure the solution is supplementation and special diets; while this does help some of us, it is very expensive and does not benefit every person with fibromyalgia the same way. Many who are healthy think that one with fibromyalgia can just push past the exhaustion and that doing so will keep us from dwelling on being ill. It might be a temporary distraction, but the usual end result is becoming even sicker. And those of us who have cut way back on family get-togethers, public events, and leaving the house in general ARE actually taking steps to get better by not exacerbating our symptoms. But of course to a healthy person, it looks a lot more like laziness.

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